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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Forgotten Santa Claus

I have to admit, I was not always a fan of Christmas. Something deep within me (even as a little girl) always made me feel sad because I knew there were people who were not as fortunate. There was never a Christmas that went by where my mother and family members did not shower us with plenty of gifts. As a parent, I did the same for my children.

Regretfully, I must tell all who read this that showering one with gifts is not the meaning of Christmas. Christmas really is a time where REAL people are very sad. Some don't have food, employment, a home or money to give if they wanted to. Some are even left without hope.

I found my old Santa Clause a few years ago during an after Christmas Sale. He was in the very front of the store but marked at half of the price of the other ones similiar to him. He was quite dusty but even at half price, no one wanted him. I did and had to have him.

He is my favorite and here's why:

He was the forgotten one. He was the one that no one wanted and he was the one that most people turned their backs on. Was it because he did not have on the shiny red suit, but instead an older looking corduroy coat? Was it because he did not have a bag of goodies in his hand or because he held an empty bird's nest? Was it because he didn't have a huge smile on his face but instead wore the look of a man with character? Whatever the reasons are as to why he was overlooked were all the reasons why I had to have him.

Here is my challenge to you....remember the forgotten ones. Don't become so consumed in your own joy that you forget to bring joy to someone else. Don't forget the people who are less fortunate and don't forget to pay it forward.

Have a Very Merry Christmas.

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