Friday, May 24, 2013


I see dead people…. EVERYWHERE! Everyday, I am among dead people. No, I don’t visit the cemeteries, look for funerals or spend time in morgues. The dead people I am referring to are people who are living among us… but only in a physical sense. Spiritually, they’ve died a long time ago.

Dead man walkers have lost their most innate sense of reaching for something so much higher than themselves. They’ve lost their zeal and zest for life, their dreams, desires, motivation, passion and a willingness to search for more than what is in front of their eyes. They’ve adopted this twisted and faulty belief system that their time has passed and they’ve missed the boat. The view in which they see themselves becomes their crutch and their excuse of being too tired or too old. What is frighteningly sad are those who believe... “this is just the way it is and there is nothing I can do about it.” They experience no joy and very little happiness. What a horrible, meaningless and hopeless existence.

Will the person who placed the age limit on living please stand up? Statistics prove that people today are living much longer than our grandparents and great grandparents ever did. So, why have so many of us chosen to be walking dead people? Why have many of us chosen to stop living, stop dreaming, stop planning, stop experiencing, stop loving, stop searching and stop growing? How did we become a society of sub-standard or at best, mediocre people? When did we decide that it was better to be dead than alive and what’s worse—model this dysfunctional behavior for our children and grand children?

Being spiritually alive is a FREE gift. The only thing it costs is a desire to change, a willingness to be open and a passion to grow. Being alive allows you to embrace hope and embrace something much bigger, more powerful, worthy and infinitely greater than ourselves….but it is a choice. Just like you’re choosing to be a dead man walking, you can also choose to be a healthy person living because everyday we make a choice, but one of them is wrong.

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