Thursday, October 21, 2010


I’ve got an unwritten book with unwritten words yet to be expressed. I’ve got unspoken words that have yet to be shared and unsung songs in my heart that have yet to be sang. Yet, each day I am hopeful that as I face each day, one more letter, word and song will be placed in my heart. I’ve got faith that as God blesses me to rise each day, I am to be in the moment and feel the presence of Him. I’ve got faith and staying power that as my life plays itself out, the pages of thought, words of expression and the gift of song will find its place like so many. It’s all a process and that is why it is important to stay close, remain open and willing to receive. I’ve got a book without pages, words unspoken and a song without a tune but I am highly inspired, highly hopeful and even more faithful that at just the right time, that perfect time, all will be delivered just as it has before. Don’t let your book collect dust, words fall on deaf ears, or song be for naught.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I know what love is...

I know what Love is….
Love! If you’ve ever felt love, ever been in love then you can’t mistake it. Love makes you want to do some crazy things. I’m talking about things that could certify you as a nutcase! Yes! That kind of love! Love forces you outside of yourself… to please the other person without thinking of yourself at all. I’ve been blessed with much love. I’ve been in love and I’ve given lots of love. I can’t help it; it’s who I am and what I am made of. God is love and if we can feel His presence, then we can experience the power of love. For those who love, keep loving. For those who struggle with giving love, let yourself go and move toward it and for those who struggle with receiving love, open your heart, take a chance and experience the wonders of love. There is nothing on this earth more powerful. You will be fascinated with love and once you’ve truly experienced love you will never be able to live without it. Say Yes to Love. Don’t wait until tomorrow, Say Yes to Love Today.
Love truly, always and forever Tori!

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