Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friends are another one of God's blessings

All of my life, I have had friends, I thought. They've enriched my life and I pray I have done the same for them. But lately, I've been really thinking about the true definition of a friend. Websters Dictionary describes a friend as "a person you know well and regard with affection and trust." That short definition is true, but I desire to add on to that definition based on my experience with friendship.

Not everyone is a friend. We have associates, co-workers, neighbors and casual acquaintances. Some of these people can not be trusted and frankly, some we really don't know all that well although we may see them everyday.

A friend to me is someone who has not judged, someone who can tell you the truth in the spirit of love and with no hidden agendas. A friend can cry and laugh with you. A friend can get angry at you but then realize that the friendship is much greater than the anger they hold. A friend will love you unconditionally and will always want your best. A friend is your cheerleader, coach, counselor, mentor, leader, and when necessary your truth serum.

So while I started off by saying that "All of my life, I have had friends," really, all of my life I have had plenty of associates, co-workers, neighbors and casual acquaintances. Being a friend and having a friend is a tall order and not many people can handle this kind of responsibility.

I have been blessed with a few good friends and I thank God for them. So, thank you:

Arnetta (My sister)
Lisa (My alter ego)
Glenda (Accountability Partner, Sister from another mister, Ace in the hole)
Cheryl (B-More)
Carol (Curl)
Lori (LoDuck)
Christal (Roomie)
Jacquie (Jaqs)
Denise (Dennie)

These are the people who have allowed me to come into their lives and who have come into mine and been a blessing. Pick your friends wisely as not all people have earned the right to be your friend and for those who have, bless them and thank God for them.

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