Monday, December 30, 2013

The greatest of these is LOVE...

Like many people, I could express the beautiful gifts received on Christmas day; however, I’ve learned that it is not about monetary gifts, the value one has spent on purchasing gifts or even the abundance of the gifts received. That stuff comes and goes and in a year or so, will be obsolete, old, useless and probably broken anyway. My special Christmas gift this year is having both of my daughters at home. For years, it was just my daughters and me. They were my road dogs, my doll babies, my joy and sometimes my headache. I’ve nurtured them, loved on them but when the time came, I had to let them go.

Just two days ago, my daughters called me in the bedroom and told me of a discussion they had with each other… as sisters often do. They shared with me how the one thing I demonstrated for them was Love. They told me that they grew strong in loving people because they always witnessed me loving them (even when they were getting yelled at) and as a result, they now share with everyone; particularly, those close to their hearts, the words, “I love you.” They also reminded me of a situation when they were in middle school of being teased by a few children because each time my girls saw each other in the hallways, they would hug, kiss and say to each other, “I love you.”

Well, my daughters are back together again loving on each other, but just for a short season as my Brittany will have to leave soon and return to her military base in Guam. While often times I think this country doesn’t deserve her ~ equally my thoughts tell me that because she is love and represents love, perhaps SHE is exactly what this country needs.

So… while we all marvel at the gifts, attempt to decipher the instructions on our new gadgets, spend those gifts cards on the 75% off sales … remember what is really important in life. In my life that would be LOVE. I don’t know about you, but for me, without LOVE my life is not worth living.

Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13, NLT)


  1. I love this. I also have just 1 sister and we were close like your daughters. Great job mom... it was a pleasure reading this.

  2. I feel this love. Thank you.

  3. There is so much power in your words. Your writing style makes the reader feel as if they are/were right there. Your daughters are beautiful btw.

    C. Boyle

  4. WHERE IS YOUR BOOK!??????

  5. Hard to believe the girls are all grown up. I remember them when you always dressed them alike and people thought they were twins. I just knew they would grow p to be filled with lots of love. You were a great example and loving mother to them. Always admired that about you.


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