Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Gift of Love...

Our gift to the world is the capacity to love, forgive and to see all people as wonderfully created. While this isn't always easy, we recognize that when you're given something, you must "give back." We choose to give to all of God's people and to each other love ... demonstrated through action not just words. Give the gift of LOVE ~ not just for the holidays, but all year will look good on you.


  1. Tori, everything about you exudes love and I've been telling you this for years. I now see how God is blessing you and as such, you keep blessing others with what you write. I know you Tori.... and I want to tell you to keep loving people the way you do. Your man is the luckiest man alive. Tell him that for me!

    p.s. Watch out for the haters!

  2. I wonder what the world might be like if everyone loved the way you do. Keep love alive.

    Berlin MS

  3. Amazing Tori--- just amazing! May the Lord continue to bless you for loving all of us the way you do. p.s. Nice photo of you two.


  4. You're still an example...and I'm just glad to know you. You guys look great together!

    Mary S.

  5. Gina, Cookie, Gerald and Mary ~ we all have the power to love; but the bottom line is that it's a choice... Tori

  6. Tori, where was this picture taken? What was the special occasion? It is a very nice photo of you two.


  7. Sharon, this was taken at my home--- a few days before Christmas. We were on our way to his company holiday party in Philadelphia. It was a very memorable and enjoyable evening/night. :) Thanks for asking.


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