Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Needy People

Needy people as described by:

Merriam-Webster: Not having enough money, food, etc., to live properly, needing a lot of attention, affection, or emotional support.

Reverso: In need of practical or emotional support; distressed.

Urban dictionary: To be needy is a guy who needs attention no matter what the cost. A person that doesn’t have much confidence and will bug the living shit out of you just for a little attention.

Psychological definition: Failing to realize or recognize that they are needy because of both an ignorance of their personality, and because their “rocks” are afraid of hurting their feelings by reclaiming independence. “Rocks” here means: someone to lean on, a source of comfort.

My definition: Those who dismiss and/or lose all sensibilities and respect for others time. Lack of consideration for others. Selfish, arrogant and borderline narcissistic personality—meaning: an overwhelming need for admiration, and usually a complete lack of empathy toward others. People with this disorder often believe they are of primary importance in everybody’s life or to anyone they meet. They can be difficult and defensive. Minimal and/or lack of degree of insight as to their intrusive nature.

Let me first be clear! I am in no way referring to people who are needy as a result of social injustice, discrimination and those who suffer from absolute poverty or destitution regarding the deprivation of basic human needs. I am referring to people who reach for others as their end-all.

These people hurt, are angry, are desperate, and are constantly seeking answers, doing the research, studying and tearing everything up and down in order to find relief. They are also debaters because they don’t agree with what is said. Sadly, there is no relief, because the more they tear down, dissect and discover something new, the more they NEED to find more. It wears people out. It causes people to back away. It causes the needy person to lose friends, relationships and most of all; it causes a perpetual cycle of the sickness that has already hooked its roots in their souls.

Needy people don’t care about your time, your commitments or the fact that every moment in time may not be about them. They will pull on you, grab on you, and take hold of you if you give them a window. Like toxins… it finds an open hole and it seeps in like a bad disease. That’s what needy people do. They can’t help it. They lack something vital in their lives and with every person they pull on, their hope is that they will find their cure, be delivered and they will be free. Concept of time is not their friend. They have none. If you give them a moment, expect to give away an hour… or two.

The one thing we all NEED is Christ. He is the only person who can fill the void, give you all the time in the world and who won’t dismiss your arrogance and selfishness. He’ll allow you to talk with Him all day and night and will soothe your pain, comfort your soul and calm your spirit. You’ve been searching for so long--- in all the wrong places—when in reality, what you needed all along was right in front of you.


  1. Tori, once again you hit the nail right on top of the head. Needy people make it all about them and that is so sad that they can' see themselves the way others see them. When will you come back to FB. We miss your stuff ???? Brenda

  2. I must be a "needy" magnet. Needy people seek me out and in their worlds believe my life is just waiting to be consumed by theirs. Your post is a must forward. Thank you.

  3. I can't even begin to express how powerful this post is. Needy people are in no way aware of the fact that they are completely draining and overwhelming. I've weeded these people out of my life a long time and it feels as if I shed 500 pounds. I do not miss these people at all. Good riddance.


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