Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Did you consider?

Did you consider the single mother who just lost her job?
Did you consider the man who can’t find a job?
Did you consider the child who is bullied in school?
Did you consider the patient who has no family visiting?
Did you consider the foster child that no one wants to permanently adopt?
Did you consider the widow who never gets invited anywhere?

Did you consider the boasting you just did to the person who can’t afford food?
Did you consider that the sweater he/she wears is the only “coat” he/she has?
Did you consider the family that is being evicted tomorrow?
Did you consider that she’s not fat because she wants to be, but instead has a health issue?
Did you consider that he has mental health issues as a result of serving in active duty to protect you?
Did you consider that behind his smile is a body filled with debilitating pain?

Did you consider that she didn’t speak to you because she honestly did not see you?
Did you consider anyone else today other than yourself, your situation, your problems, your events, your issues, your self-serving concerns and that this world does not revolve around you?
Did you consider that what you do on the outside only matters to the world… it’s what takes up residence within your heart that really matters?


  1. BOOM!!! You are on it.

  2. Tori, thank you for giving us more to think about since we are all guilty of thinking of ourselves MORE than someone else.


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