Sunday, September 12, 2010

Father ~ Father

Father~ Father

I could not have hand picked a better father for my daughters. A man who is committed, loving, unquestionably and undeniably 100% dedicated to his daughters. I've never quite understood the chemistry they have for him, one that simply does not allow me in, but I surmise that's the mystery of a father and his daughters. When his smile looks upon them, my heart skips a beat. His smile becomes so wide and although no words may come out of his mouth, anyone witnessing this will know that it's pure and unconditional love.

When he speaks, they listen. When he advises, they take it. When he comforts, they ease into his arms like a small child. They run to him with their cares and concerns because they know their father will always have the answers. He is their cure. He is upright. His actions, conduct, attitude and purpose is always filled with good intentions toward them. With as much love as I have for my daughters, I as their mother can't compare to the type of love he has for them. This love has to be celebrated. There are not many feelings that can touch me than when my daughters say, "Mom, we have the best father in the world. " I know what they mean. I have a Father too.

Father, thank you for blessing me with the gift of two daughters and for blessing them with a Father who, like you, would lay down his life for them.


  1. What a tribute to your children's father. I couldn't help but read this several times. Your daughters are fortunate to have a man filled with the characteristics of God in their lives. They are blessed and your post has blessed me. I will be sharing this. Thank you.

  2. Your daughters are blessed and this is a beautiful tribute to their father.

  3. Wow Tori, I read your blogspot, you are an amazing person. The love that you have for your daughters and the recognition of the love and type of father they have, speaks volumes about the type of person you are. Have a blessed Christmas and Joyous New Year!!!


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