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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Choice is Yours

Even when we know we are doing wrong, we still can’t help ourselves because we have convinced ourselves that just for the moment; I need to choose this behavior. Why is it that knowing that one day, we will all have to account for every single one of our actions, we still choose the behavior that we know God does not approve of? What’s worse is that we’ve convinced ourselves that we are saved, are Christians and can be forgiven, so we decide to please ourselves by hurting others, believing that our ticket to eternal life is guaranteed.

Why is it that some simply refuse to make an effort to improve their lives through sacrifice and hard work? It’s easier to believe that God wants for us what we want for ourselves and therefore, God will grant it. Let me be real clear for you.. God is so much more powerful than you or I. HE does not think as we do, act as we do, sin as we do and choose as we do. HE Is God!

Men are called men for a reason, yet so many men fail to understand what the true definition is. A real man is a Godly man. A man with honor, who loves and serves God unconditionally. A real man will protect, provide and put himself last to ensure he has cared for those who God has given him. A real man will know and love who he is and will want to be all the man he can be for himself, those who depend on him and God.

Women are called women for a reason, yet so many women fail to understand what the true definition is. Women are the brides of Christ. She is a caregiver, lover, nurturer and supporter, yet she sells herself short each time she engages in behavior that is not becoming and pleasing to God.

We are all given these titles and more for a reason, yet day by day, we consciously choose to ignore. Day by day, we choose not to love and day by day we choose to behave in such a way that would bring tears to any mother’s eyes if it were his last.
You don’t have to believe me. You don’t even have to like or agree with what I am writing, but one day you will have to answer to an authority so much higher than you. One day, you will have to recall each time you hurt someone and knew it, did not honor or love your wife or husband, ignored your children, did not live up to your obligations, lied, cheated, stole, manipulated or wavered in your faith to make it convenient for you.

You will have to answer to not knowing how to drive in life when you had the manual all along. You will have to answer to manipulation, selfishness, being controlling and trying to even outwit God. Even when we know we are doing wrong, we still can’t help ourselves because we have convinced ourselves that just for the moment; I need to choose this behavior. No you don’t! Choose God's way.

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  1. This is one of the most powerful messages I have ever read! It relates to each and every one of our lives at some point...We all have fallen into this behaviour at some point. However, what we all should get out of this message is that we can fool & convince each other that wrong is right... we can fool and convience ourselves that wrong is right...but when it comes down to the end...and the end will come for each one of us one day here on earth, and when that end comes...bottom line, we can't fool God! Therefore, while we have a chance, the second chance that God as given each one of us...we need to stop catering to ourselves and each others needs and ways, and we need to choose Gods way which is written in the Holy Bible...a special letter written from God to each one of us as individuals. Gods way is what matters in the end...the only way that matters in the end! Terri D.


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