Friday, January 16, 2009

Stepping Outside of Yourself

What do you want? What do you pray for? What do you long for? What do you need? A lot of questions right? Think about it. What steps have you taken to acquire what it is that you dream of? Do you follow the norm or do you take chances and step outside of yourself?

I've found in my 45 years of life that many times in life, in order to get what you want, what you deserve and what you need, may require stepping outside of yourself and your comfort zone. It requires removing yourself from your familiarity so that God and the Universe can bless you. All that is required is taking the first step and sometimes that step is away from your norm.

I have also learned that what is specifically designed for us, we can not lose and what belongs to someone else, we can not have. In order to better understand the sacred contract of your life, it requires stepping away and stepping outside. It requires higher thinking which could include looking back from time to time to make sure you're still on the right path.

Your blessings can be stored in a place that you would never think about venturing into. They could be all bottled up in a place that may not be easy to get to, but in order to obtain anything, it requires SELF-WORK.

Step away and step outside. Take the risk and dare to tread in that unfamiliar territory. You don't know what is waiting for you and more importantly, you will land EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. It's called your Sacred Contract and it only belongs to YOU.


  1. Beautiful, Teeky! And well said. I love the accompanying photo also.

  2. I love this Teeky! I always have to remind myself that I am walking down the road God wants me on... even when it is dark and I can't see where to put my foot next. I am so thankful that God has revealed my calling to me so clearly. So many years were wasted as I bumbled around wondering what my mission was.

  3. In today's time, I think this is exactly what needs to be said. I always tell my children that quote... "Faith is taking the first step, even when you can't see the whole staircase". Blessings to you Teeky :)

  4. Awesome, I read it a second time today, and it still has the same impact. What a beautiful piece.

  5. I just stopped by to check out your blog since I noticed it in your tag on the Fab40 site. Great message--it falls right in line with my "Make Your Mess Your Message" book.

    Keep writing and inspiring!

  6. Hi Tori,
    Hope your week is off to a sweet start!

    p.s. I left an award for you on my blog post today!

  7. HiTeeky,

    As always your messages are very powerful and meaningful. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  8. People like me, can follow this advice, because of having people like YOU in their life!


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