Monday, January 5, 2009

The Simpler Life:

Here are the facts! I loved when things were pure and simple. If you’re under 40, you may not be able to relate, but I am hopeful that one or two of these items will ring a bell. Feel free to jump on board and hopefully, you will enjoy the ride like we have. It was truly a ride and if you’d like to comment or share, feel free to add to “The Simpler Life.”

1. It was a punishment to stay indoors and not go outside. Today, technology keeps our child occupied and they don’t want to go out.
2. Our games were hop scotch, tag, duck, duck goose, ding dong dixie, catch a boy-kiss a boy. Today, the games are either electronic or involving strangulation to cut off your oxygen .
3. While riding in our parents car, we read books, sang songs or simply talked. Today, DVD’s occupy our children and our only conversation is “Is your seatbelt on?”
4. Our neighbors could discipline us and then tell our parents who would discipline us some more. Today, if a neighbor disciplined us, parents will get into a verbal confrontation with them.
5. Our teachers, policemen, firemen and people of authority could be trusted. Today, we have to teach our children to watch out for them.
6. School was a safe haven. Today, we have metal detectors at the front doors and children are being killed by their classmates.
7. You could buy a hotdog, soda and chips for $1.00. Today, that $1.00 is worth .25.
8. People would stop and offer a ride if your car was on the side of the road. Today, they rubberneck to see who the less unfortunate are and keep driving by.
9. People listened to music on vinyl records and we didn’t have to think about bad language. Today, music is listened in the loudest volume on iPod’s and if it doesn’t have bad language, it’s the wrong version.

I am saddened by the turn of events causing our adults, authority figures and children to become absorbed and influenced by an unGodly environment and while my list is a small version of “The Simpler Life,” I am fortunate to have been a part of it.


  1. OH I could not possible agree more! Children have no ingenuity, no imagination. They don't need it, everything imaginable is right there on their little electronic equipment!

    I think at some point, we are going to have to replace Phys Ed with a mandatory 1 hour outdoors so they don't forget what it is!

    I loved the feel of mud between my toes, soft grass and it's smell after the rain. They just don't know what they are missing do they doll?

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  3. I always used to say when I was young that I would never grow up and be like "back when I was young", but now I do it all the time. Just goes to prove that we are getting further and further away from what made us great to begin with. We have gotten so tied up in bigger, better and more, that we've forgotten none of those 3 traits is really fulfilling. I love this post and it makes so so so much sense! NO surprise coming from you!

  4. Truer words were never spoken! Those were the days...yes...I would love to see some things the way they were but sadly they never will be. How could we have let ourselves get into this mess!

  5. I read this after I posted today. Funny how it is so close to the exact thing I was trying to say in my "Mayberry" blog. In fact I see similarities in several of our thoughts on things. Great job in writing them so beautifully.

  6. FINALLY! Someone who has said what I have been saying for over 4 years! I often wonder if I am the only person who feels this way. Thank you for this post as I now realize I am not alone!

  7. Hey Teeky:
    I love this site. Keep it up, you have a great way of saying and thinking what you write. Blessings to you My Sister In Christ.
    Terry McFarlin


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