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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Benefit of the doubt...

Why should I be so naïve as to give you the benefit of doubt? What have you done to earn your way into my not doubting that you will not lie to me, steal from me, or attempt to manipulate me under the guise of befriending me ~ only to gain what you need to satiate the appetite of your sickest desire? The benefit of the doubt is simply NOT free. It comes with a cost. Below is my fee:

Consistent behavior demonstrating characteristics of a moral and upright person, position or institution

Unquestionable Integrity

Fruit ~ minus maggots

Action not empty words

For some, my price tag may be too high, and that is okay because in life, you get what you pay for. If you settle for low standards, low functioning and low expectations that is what you’ll get. If you settle for the benefit of the doubt, you run the risk of being bamboozled and blinded by the self-serving shadiness of someone seeking to use you to their advantage.

I’ve lived long enough to know that if there is a choice in believing something good about what someone says or believing something bad, I’m going to look at my price tag instead. It’s a high price for some but everything ain’t for everybody. Also please note, I do not give discounts, have sales, offer coupons or hold blue light specials.
My price tag stands... even if I stand alone.


  1. Tori, your fee is pretty high, but maybe that's why when I look at who you are as a woman, I see the same characteristics in you as the price you charge. There aren't many women like're something special.


  2. I guess we've all demonstrated "pretty loosely" the benefit of doubt in people. This post gives me something to think about. Ever think about writing a book on wisdom Tori?

    Mark M.


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