Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Friend Lisa ...

I’ve got a friend. Her name is Lisa. I met Lisa in 2009 but it’s strange because it seems like a lifetime. We’ve only been through 4 seasons together, but it sure seems more like 10 seasons. Many of these seasons were dark seasons—for the both of us, but even through those dark seasons, we managed to recognize light. I met Lisa at a church outing. Our church was committed to improving a neighborhood that by all standards was depressed, oppressed and a mess! I was walking with my husband at the time, (we’re now divorced) and Lisa was kind of lagging behind us. She was alone. Somehow, we struck up a conversation. It was just chit-chat but I found myself struggling to walk alongside my (then) husband (who didn’t have much to say) but was more interested in conversing with Lisa. She ended up remaining with us for the entire event and we exchanged telephone numbers to stay in touch afterwards.

Fast forward, our relationship took us on many twists and turns. We prayed, laughed, cried, ate, talked, vented, gossipped, (yeah, I said it), worshipped, served and both suffered failed relationships together. We were always together and coined a part of our relationship, "pity-party in the pit!" If we weren’t on the phone, we were in each other’s presence. If there was an issue, we turned to each other. If we had an issue with each other, we aired it. It was very comforting. Lisa and I had so many similarities and that is what drew me in. Like me, Lisa had the ability to say what she wanted, when she wanted and had a moxy about her. She was sharp and when she spoke, I listened. Like me, she didn’t take a lot of stuff and didn’t put on pretenses. Like me, Lisa could spot a phony a mile away; I just had no idea what God was doing when He paired us up. I had no idea that both of us would be used in a mighty way to help propel the other. I could not have imagined it.

I’m a school student and I was always horrible in math. The thought of math brought on so much anxiety that I wanted to quit school in my last year. Lisa just HAPPENS to be a Director at a center that offers tutoring. She offered FREE tutoring sessions and as a result I passed all math classes including Statistics with an A. That was not an accident. On the other hand, Lisa wanted a relationship. She didn’t speak often about it but I had learned her heart and her desires. During this time, Lisa wanted a Godly man to mentor her son. There was only one man who came to my mind so I had to introduce them. All praises and glory to our LORD, she is now marrying him.

When I reflect on the past 4 years with Lisa, it seems like a lifetime. This post can never effectively communicate all of our stuff ~ the insight, intense conversations, sharing details of our personal life that we just can't share with many, laughing until our guts broke wide open and late night wine and food fests. I’ve met a lot of women, but there is really only one Lisa. She is the kind of woman who works tirelessly, serves endlessly, gives unselfishly and loves unconditionally. She is the kind of woman who seeks the under-served, hates the spotlight, praise and atta-girls. She is the kind of woman who surrounds herself with people who others frown upon. She does not need to be the most popular, most successful or partner with the high and mighty in the church, professional world or otherwise. She does not need all of the stuff that the world gives you when you’re on top. She is comfortable just doing God’s work and not being recognized because she knows that the ultimate Thank you from God is all that matters. Because of Lisa, I’ve grown, I’ve matured, and I’ve expanded my thinking. Lisa is the reason why I continuously focus on those who others don’t pay attention to.

My friend Lisa is getting married and if I had to choose one other woman in my life who I would wish this kind of happiness for, I can’t. She deserves this. In just 4 short years, I’ve seen her depth and I’ve witnessed the capacity at which she serves. I am praying and wishing and holding on to my faith that my friend Lisa will forever be happy and live a long life with the man of her reality, Traci.

Every woman needs to have a friend like Lisa. I've got mine, you've got to get your own!

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