Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is This It?

Shower, Work, Eat, Sleep, Shower, Work, Eat, Sleep, Shower, Work, Eat Sleep! You're kidding me right? Is this all there is to life...shower, work, eat and sleep? I didn't sign up for this and I certainly would have never asked for THIS kind of life; however, this is all I find myself doing these days.

Will someone tell me that I am in the wrong body, that this life was meant for someone who did something awful in their past life? I'm too young, vibrant and way too much fun for this kind of life....yet it's mine.

How do you manage to squeeze the fun in or the days where you can have some time with just self? I long for a day when no one knows my name or telephone number. I long for a day when I can be by myself and do everything just for me. Am I living in a dream world to believe that those days no longer exist and that the few I get a year will never return? I ask the question again "Is This It"? Nooooooooooooooooo!

For so long I've believed that we were forced to deal with the knocks that life gave us and had the "It is what it is" attitude. That no longer holds true for me. Your life is what it is if you decide not to do anything about it. Your life remains what it is if you don't recognize that a change needs to happen.

My life is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it sure as hell beats the Shower, Work, Eat, Sleep routine. I make sure I get my fun in. I make sure I take care of me and I make sure that at the end of the day I've handsomely paid myself back.

I have to come first because I am the only one living in my body. I am the only one with my soul and spirit and if it's shattered, no one can let me borrow theirs. I've found that appreciating some of the simple things can turn it around for me. Many times it is purely a thought. Thoughts are so powerful and can take you any where at any time. What are you thinking?

If you're thinking "Is this it" tell yourself no and change your thoughts. Your entire mood will change and your behavior will soon follow. Dare to be selfish and give back to self. We have just one opportunity to get this right on earth.

I dare you to Shower, Work, Eat, Sleep, get a pedicure, work out, go dancing, visit a church, laugh, buy some flowers, watch a good movie, visit some friends, kiss your children, kiss them some more, play with a dog, take a hot bath, light some candles, enjoy a smooth glass of wine, tell your mate you love them, embrace the sun, talk to the elderly, buy yourself something special and do some traveling.

The next time you ask yourself "Is this It" I dare you to say NO!

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